The Wannabes: Valentine’s wannabes who force us to ‘steal’ flowers from graves

The whole Saint Valentine’s Day thing is a rip off, let me be the first to admit that. The prices of roses quadruple, grave maintenance men are forced to steal blooms off tombstones to take home to the Mrs and dinner tabs take off in cost like missiles off the coast of North Korea.

The dinner, that costs an arm-and-leg, is billed as ‘socarrat, spiced with chiltepin and accompanied by dulce,’ and the wannabe, who only knows ‘soccer rat’ is Balotelli, finds out soccarat is that crusty rice that forms at the bottom of a pan, spiced with chilly and accompanied by seaweed (dulce) in that fancy St Valentine’s restaurant.

How to Make the Most of Valentine's Day Flowers

Flowers are a classic Valentine's Day gift, from a colorful bouquet to one single rose, but frigid temperatures can have a not so pretty effect on them.To make sure your loved one gets the most out of their gift for any special occasion this winter, it's important to minimize the time flowers spend outside.

Why American-Grown Flowers Are the Latest Valentine's Day Trend

Kasey Cronquist likes to tell a story about a retail partner of his who found a way to boost flower sales by 300 percent. The retailer, an Oklahoma grocery chain, had stocked its shelves with flowers grown in California. But since flowers have this tendency to look alike no matter where they're from—and many of them are from Columbia or Ecuador—the store decided to paste a label on those bouquets. The label was all of two words: "American Grown."

NASA's Valentine's Day Flower Harvest Takes Space Gardening Beyond Romance

Understanding how plants grow in space will be vital to future long-haul missions -- such as one to Mars -- because astronauts will have to grow some of their own food.

American astronaut Scott Kelly, who is toward the end of his scheduled year in space, has been busy tending to a garden on board the International Space Station, growing lettuce and flowers. Meanwhile, a team on the ground is also working on a control experiment that will better inform NASA's vision for having a fully functional garden in space.

Woman crashes car after throwing Valentine’s flowers at man

A woman crashed and flipped her car over following an apparent row with a man during which she throw a bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers at him.According to witnesses in Texarkana, Arkanasas, the woman drove by the High Point Courts apartments yelling at a man standing on the pavement.