Five Blue Flowers Every Garden Must Have


Blue flowers in the garden can have a soothing impact and in our contemporary high pressure society we require every tension reliever we can get. Here are five beautiful blue flowers that every garden might benefit from:


1. Hydrangea 'Nikko Blue'.


Blue Hydrangeas are garden classics. They have been taken pleasure in for hundreds of years however the newer ranges, such as Hydrangea 'Nikko Blue' offer even much better blue color than ever in the past. 'Nikko Blue' grows 4-6' tall and large and prospers in partial shade.


2. Blue Plumbago.


Blue Plumbago is a perennial shrub/vine that likewise has clusters of blue flowers. Blue Plumbago requires full sun however can endure some shade.


3. Blue Salvia.


This is another fantastic perennial that produces spikes of blue flowers. It grows up to 18" tall by 12" broad, can tolerate dry spell and average to poor soils.


4. Vinca Minor (Periwinkle).


Vinca is a ground cover that produces little blue flowers a lot during the spring then consistently throughout the summer. It is a drought resistant vine that remains quite low to the ground, 6" high, and produces runners 18" long. Outstanding for mass plantings or even for accent plants in large pots or planters.

This is a great plant to grow in the garden because it is a perennial in southern states, drought resistant once established and some varieties have fantastic blue color like the Verbena x hybrida 'Blue Lagoon'. It flowers all summer season long, grows 12? High and.


5. Blue Verbena.


A new cultivar is 'Blue Lagoon' - it grows 12" tall and large and requires complete sun. 'Blue Lagoon' has deep green foliage, little dark blue flowers and has a sweet scent.


These 5 blue flowers are excellent for the garden not only because of their color but also because they are extremely simple to grow and will a tremendous quantity of satisfaction to your life.